Advances in Engineering Design Technology Volume 1- 2019

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On the Dynamic Behaviour of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pipe with Clamp Clamp Boundary Condition1(1) 2019 pp. 1-12Obuh Raphael Empire Osamudiamen Efosa, Edelugo Sylvester OnyemaechiDownload PDF
Statistical Study of Factors Influencing Surface Roughness of Machined Work-piece
Using Split-Split Plot Design
1(1) pp.13- 28S. A. Omotehinse and A.C. IgboanugoDownload PDF
Design and Fabrication of a 1.4kg/hr Dry Groundnut Peeling Machine1(1) 2019 pp. 29-39Eboigbe, C. I, Ozigagun, A, Abdul, WDownload PDF
Investigation of Polypropylene-Grass Composite Using Split-Split Plot
Experimental Design
1(1) 2019 pp. 40-48Olodu D.D and Osarenmwinda J.ODownload PDF
Design and Development of a Hand Operated Grinding Machine1(1) 2019 pp. 49-64Erameh Andrew A and Adingwupu Anthony CDownload PDF
Development of an Online Attendance System for Educational Institution1(1) 2019 pp. 65-79Ayodeji Iwayemi, lawal Adigun MorufDownload PDF
Modelling of UDP Downstream Throughput (UDPdownT) Dependence on the
SNR in IEEE802.11b/g WLANs
1(1) 2019 pp. 80-87Ayidu N.J., Edeko F.O. and Emagbetere J.O.Download PDF
Self-Reporting Electronic Voting System for Use in Nigeria1(1) 2019 pp. 88-100S. Akinbohun, S.T. ApehDownload PDF