Onifade, M.K. and Oroye, O. A.


Project management requires analysis of various uncertain variables and it is vital that the best techniques that are capable of providing the most accurate results are employed. Fuzzy Logic is one of those techniques; it has the capability of significantly improving the activities of project managers. This paper describes how Fuzzy Logic can be applied in the area of construction, project monitory and control which is based on observations made from the project environment of some firms in Lagos State. The data obtained from the administered questionnaire was analyzed through descriptive and factor analysis. The analysis shows that Fuzzy has significant effect on project management control. It was also observed that application of Fuzzy Logic in project management has not been considered in most firms in the country as the traditional methods such as Critical Path Analysis, PERT. are still well utilized which have numerous problems in areas such as the beta distribution and stochastic variables as well as the estimation of parameters (expected duration and variance) hence, the need for improvement. Read full PDF

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Project Management, Pert, Fuzzy Pert


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