C.E Etin-Osa, J. I. Achebo and K. O. Obahiagbon


Residual stress are stresses that remains in an engineering material, especially metallic materials, after the original applied load has been removed. Its measurement will help reveal areas in fabricated materials highly stressed. This paper presents a design of a portable residual stress measuring device based on the magnetic barkhausen noise principle. This was achieved by using two permanent magnets, a pickup coil, amplifier and an analogue to digital converter to create the hardware. The software was designed using LabVIEW 2019. After fabrication, measuring experiments on mild steel materials were conducted and the results obtained from using the device for measurement were compared to simulated values (Simufact.Weld 6.0) CAD software. Comparing its results with that obtained from Simulation showed an R 2 value of 77.47% with a strong correlation of 0.831and a P-value of 0.0071 which was less than the 0.05 alpha level taken. This device can be adopted in weld residual stress measurement by artisans and roadside welders for effective minimization of residual stress and failures associated with it. Read full PDF

Keywords: Labview, Simufact, Residual stress, Barkhausen, Amplifer, Magnet, Weld


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