Advances in Engineering Design Technology Vol. 4(3) 2022 pp. 1-8 ISSN-2682-5848

Design and Implementation of a Solar Powered Three Phase Automatic Mini Billboard

Osadolor A.O., Olagbegi P., Osifo T.I., and Ehi-Eromosele F.


The idea of outdoor advertising will always be bought by enterprises to be employed in revealing areas containing a dense amount of traffic. In as much as there will always be more expensive forms of advertisements, there will always be companies that are seeking other cost effective means of advertisements and the advertising agencies are always there to fill in the gap. An optimum design of a billboard for advertising with the use of solar energy to power three screw jacks that carry a display board each, upwards and downwards, sequentially timed so that one display board is up while the other two boards are down, and the next board rises up and completes its stroke just when the previous board begins to move downwards. In this paper, a cost-effective billboard that displays six different adverts at three stages was successfully designed.

Keywords: Three Stage Billboard, Communication, Optimized Advertising, solar power, renewable energy, sustainable energy.

How to cite this article:Osadolor A.O., Olagbegi P., Osifo T.I., and Ehi-Eromosele F., Design and Implementation of a Solar Powered Three Phase Automatic Mini Billboard, Advances in Engineering Design Technology Vol. 4(3) 2022 pp. 1-8


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