Efosa Osamudiamen, Obidimma D. Ikeh, Monye I. Stella & Okafor A. Chibuzor


The effect of various prestrain levels on the microstructure of heat treated 0.14%C steel was analyzed. Low carbon steel was heat treated by first austenitising at 910°C and then quenched in water. The heat treatment process was completed by reheating in the furnace and holding at 700°C. The specimens were then subjected to prestrain levels of 7%, 9%, 13%, and 20% in tension. Microstructural analysis was carried out on specimens for the various prestrain values including the unstrained. The results displayed that the microstructures of the different specimens showed consistent changes with the increasing prestrain values. Thus, the higher the prestrain value the finer the precipitate particles. Read full PDF

Keywords: Prestrain, Microstructure, Heat treatment, Precipitate particles, Ferrite matrix


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