Susan Konyeha


Cybersecurity is crucial to digital marketing hence dealing with security threats in cyberspace is essential for success in digital marketing which is an online business. The cornerstone of any online business is security. The primary objective of any form of online marketing business is to connect a business or organization with its target audience via digital channels. This paper identifies strategies put in place for a successful digital marketing business in the midst of incessant cyber threats. Online survey was used to collect data from those involved in one form of digital marketing or the other. This includes social media promotion, mobile phone advertising, content marketing, influencer advertising, third-party merchant marketing, search engine optimization, paid channel advertising. Usable data was collected from 680 participants who were members of a Facebook group of 34,000 digital marketers. The data gathered was evaluated using (SPSS). Responses from digital marketers indicated major cybersecurity threats and the different ways digital marketers have been able to explore them were exposed. Download full PDF

Keywords: Security, exploring, digital marketing, strategies, cyber-threats, online, social media, advertising


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