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Variability of Mechanical Properties and Reliability of Thermo Mechanically
Treated Reinforcements in Nigeria
2(1) 2020 pp. 1-12Ubani Obinna Uzodimma, Okonkwo Victor Odinaka, Osayanmon OsarenkhoeDownload PDF
Ergonomics Study of the Incidence of Musculoskeletal Disorder among the
School Teachers in Egba Division of Ogun State Nigeria
2(1) 2020 pp. 13-20Musa, Adekunle Ibrahim and Qutubuddin, Syed. MDownload PDF
Modelling Vehicle Accidents and Efficiency of Highway Geometric Design2(1) 2020 pp. 21-33Osasu, Osamuyi and Ogbeifun, Nowamagbe PrinceDownload PDF
Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Nociceptive Properties of Aqueous Leaves Extract
of Ipomoea Batatas (lam). On Experimental Animals
2(1) 2020 pp. 34-39Benjamin Ogunma Gabriel, Emmanuel Ola Oshomoh, Odega I. KevinDownload PDF
Application of Artificial Neural Networks Technique to Project Management
and Control: A Pilot Assessment of Some Firms in Lagos, Nigeria
2(1) 2020 pp. 40-46Onifade, M.K. and Oroye, O. A.Download PDF
Assessment of the Application of Fuzzy Logic to Project Management and
Control in Some Firms in Lagos State: A Pilot Study
2(1) 2020 pp. 47-54Onifade, M.K. and Oroye, O. A.Download PDF
Software Process Ontology Evaluation Using Ontoclean2(1) 2020 pp. 55-61Oveh, R.O and Egbokhare, F.A.Download PDF
Investigation of the Depth to Basement and Basement Topography at Narayi
Area of Kaduna State
2(1) 2020 pp. 62-77Afuwai Gwazah Cyril & Banda CalebDownload PDF
Comparative Study of Acetylated Sawdust Powder as Filler in Natural Rubber
2(1) 2020 pp. 78-84 K.O. Eguare , L.O. Ekabafe, M.D. AyoDownload PDF
The Influence of Moisture Content on Settlement of Compacted Soils2(1) 2020 pp. 85-93Kayode-Ojo, Na and Ighavongbe, G. EDownload PDF
The Roles of Engineering in Overcoming Nigeria Emerging Issues and
2(1) 2020 pp. 94-99A.B. Hassan and A. BitrusDownload PDF
Revenue Loss Analysis due to Unbalanced Loading in Power Distribution
2(1) 2020 pp. 100-105Edohen O.M, Ike, S.A & Okhumeode, M.EDownload PDF
Deep Continuous-Time Models in Nigerian Stock Exchange Sector2(1) 2020 pp. 106-120David O. Oyewola, Aye Patrick Olabanji, Terrang.A.U and Jayeola DareDownload PDF
Screening the Effect of Process Parameters on the Yields of Bioactive
Compounds Extraction from Zingiber officinale Using Full Factorial Design
2(1) 2020 pp. 121-128Eghe Amenze Oyedoh, Uhunoma Endurance Ekhorugue & Bamidele Victor AyodeleDownload PDF
Effect of Coarse Aggregate Sizes on the Compressive Strength of Concrete
using Response Surface Methodology
2(1) 2020 pp. 129-134Richie I. Umasabor & Effort O. OsayogieDownload PDF
Understanding the Potential of Biomass as an Alternative Renewable Energy in
2(1) 2020 pp. 135-138 P. O. Alao, F. Onaifo & A. O. Oyedeji Download PDF
Investigation into the Causes of Gully Erosion in Parts of Anambra State2(1) 2020 pp. 139-149E.O. Mezie and A.I. NwajuakuDownload PDF
Multiplicative Cyclic Contraction Mappings Class and Best Proximity Point
2(1) 2020 pp. 150-161 A.U Terrang, S.A. Akinwunmi, D.O. Oyewola, & M.M. BitrusDownload PDF
Determination of some Macroelements (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium,
Magnesium and Phosphorus) in some Selected Eggs (Chicken, Duck, Quail,
Pigeon, Guinea Fowl and Turkey) in Sokoto Metropolis
2(1) 2020 pp. 162-166Yusuf Sarkingobir, Malami Dikko, Ummu Tukur, Aminu Umar ImamDownload PDF
Effect of Various Prestrain Levels on the Microstructure of Heat Treated
0.14% Carbon Steel
2(1) 2020 pp. 167-173Efosa Osamudiamen, Obidimma D. Ikeh, Monye I. Stella & Okafor A. ChibuzorDownload PDF
Evaluating the Energy Cost Benefit of a Biomass Fired Combined Heat and
Power Plant
2(1) 2020 pp. 174-181U.P Onochie, Egware H. O, C.C. Kwasi-Effah & O.O IghodaroDownload PDF
Review of Gas Hydrate Plug Dissociation in Oil and Gas Pipeline: Downstream
Pressure Reduction Approach
2(1) 2020 pp. 182-199Stanley Okonji, Godfrey Ariavie, Henry Egware, Collins Kwasi-EffahDownload PDF
IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System: The Way Forward for Patient
Health Monitoring in Nigeria
2(1) 2020 pp. 200-212Alile Solomon Osarumwense and Otokiti Kareem OsayamenDownload PDF
Design and Feasibility Study of a PV-Micro Hydro Off-Grid Power Generating
2(1) 2020 pp. 213-224Ighodaro, O.O and Egwaoje, S.ODownload PDF