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 Evaluation of emission characteristics of biodiesel from oils of sandbox seed and moringa as feedstock 1(1) 2019 pp. 1-11Amine, J. Daniel, Owhor, Sampson Chisa, Ibrahim, Abdul-Alim GamboDownload PDF
 Optimal Parameter Setting for Mercerization of Bamboo Fibres 1(1) 2019 pp. 12-22O. S. Onyekwere and A. C. IgboanugoDownload PDF
 Assessment of Modified Azadirachta Indica Leave Extract on Some Biochemical Indicators in Rats1(1) 2019 pp. 23-28Okpiabhele, Augustine Osasemeaga, Irabor Francis, Osamwonyi Sarah Download PDF
 Relation between Compressive Strength and Flexural Strength for Concrete Made With Crushed Granite Chippings1(1) 2019 pp. 29-35Umeonyiagu Ikechukwu EtienneDownload PDF
 Production of Polyvinyl Chloride-Grass Composite Using Injection Moulding Process1(1) 2019 pp. 36-44Oludo D.D and Osarenmwinda J.O Download PDF
 Characterization of Castor Seed Oil Extracted from the Seed Species Native to Edo State, Nigeria1(1) 2019 pp. 45-56S. A. Omotehinse, A. C. Igboanugo, E. U. Ikhuoria, C. A. EhigieDownload PDF
 Investigation of the Inhomogeneity of Subsurface Structures at Various VES Points at Samaru-Zaria, Northern-Nigeria1(1) 2019 pp. 57-64Afuwai Gwazah CyrilDownload PDF
 Locally sourced coarse aggregate effect on the compressive strength of concrete: case study of Anambra state sandstone1(1) 2019 pp. 65-71Richie. I. Umasabor and Justin .N. OkolieDownload PDF
Assessment of several concentrations of aqueous extract of Croton lobactus(Linn) on reproductive parameters of wistar rats1(1) 2019 pp. 72-80Obaro-onezeyi Osasere Enohor and Emmanuel Ola OshomohDownload PDF
 Modified estimator of finite population variance in simple random sampling1(1) 2019 pp. 81-89J.O. Muili, A. Audu and R. V. K. SinghDownload PDF
 Ratio estimators for estimating population mean using tri-mean, median and quartile deviation of auxiliary variable1(1) 2019 pp. 90-101J.O. Muili, A. Audu, A.B. Odeyale, and I.O. OlawoyinDownload PDF
 Local stability analysis of host-vector malaria disease model1(1) 2019 pp. 102-111A.K. Adamu, S.A. Amoo, A.N. GoniDownload PDF
 Radiation and chemical reaction effects on unsteady magnetohydrodynamics boundary layer fluid flow in porous media1(1) 2019 pp. 112-120S.A.Amoo, A.K. Adamu and O. Henry Download PDF
 Thermodynamic Properties for the Carbon Monoxide Molecule under the Influence of the Coulomb-Hulthen-Pöschl-Teller Potential1(1) 2019 pp. 121-134O. Ebomwonyi, C.A. Onate, S.A. Ekong, M.C. OnyeajuDownload PDF
 Determination of nuclear radius parameter from β+ transformation energy of mirror nuclei1(1) 2019 pp. 135-146Aliyu Adamu, Fatima M. Mustapha and Muhammad K. DikwaDownload PDF
 Optimal Control on Hepatitis B Virus Model with Non-Monotonic Incidence Function1(1) 2019 pp. 147-155A. K. Dotia, M. O. Ibrahim , C. N. Ejieji, B. A. Kareem, B. M. Ahmed, B. Ajanaku , A. B. Kazeem, and A. O. LawaniDownload PDF
 A Graph-Theoretic Method for the Basic Reproduction Number in
Age-Structured Hepatitis B Model
1(1) 2019 pp. 156-162A. K. Dotia, M. O. Ibrahim , C. N. Ejieji, B. A. Kareem, B. M. Ahmed, B. Ajanaku, A. B. Kazeem, and A. O. LawaniDownload PDF
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 Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of biodegradable properties polyvinyl alcohol/maize starch blend films1(1) 2019 pp. 175-187Ofunne Charles, Uzo Robinson, Jideonwo, ADownload PDF
 Effect of Microstructural Morphology on the Cavity formation of 0.17%C Low Alloy Steel and 0.32%C Steel 1(1) 2019 pp. 188-195Unueroh Ufuoma Georgina, Awheme OgheneroboDownload PDF
 Residual Stress Optimization in Mild Steel Welded Joint using Finite Element Method 1(1) 2019 pp. 196-205Eboigbe, C.I., Achebo, J.Download PDF
Design and Construction of a Programmable Password Operated Circuit
1(1) 2019 pp.206-220Egwaile, J.O. and Oyedoh, M. O.Download PDF
Bravais Lattices: Why Lattices Are Not Classified Based On Shape1(1) 2019 pp. 221-229Oriakhi Thaddeus OsazeeDownload PDF
Mathematical Modelling on Transmission Dynamics of Measles1(1) 2019 pp. 230-245James Ibrahim Galadima, Danjuma Abubakar, Ayodele Abraham AgboluajeDownload PDF
Synthesis, Ft-Ir Characterization and Anti-Bacterial Activity of 5-Bromo-8-
Quinolinoxyacetic Acid
1(1) 2019 pp. 246-253Iyekowa Osaro, Aghedo Notoriuwa Oscar, Bassey PeterDownload PDF