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Markov Chain Modelling of Safety Incident Data: A Veritable Decision
Support Tool
1(2) 2019 pp. 1-17A. Bokolo, A.C. Igboanugo, G.C. Ovuworie and T.B. AdelekeDownload PDF
A Novel Model Developed for Forecasting Oilfield Production Using
Multivariate Linear Regression Method
1(2) 2019 pp. 18-26Chukwu Emeke and Kelani BelloDownload PDF
Development of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Calculator1(2) 2019 pp. 27-40Adeleke T.B., Ogbebor O. E., Igboanugo A.C and Momodu A.I. Download PDF
A Selection of Drill Rigs using Overall Equipment Efficiency Approach1(2) 2019 pp. 41-52George Agyei and Isaac AsamoahDownload PDF
Comparative Effect of Compost Manure and Inorganic Fertilizer on Selected
Enzymatic Activities of Cocoa Seedling Rhizosphere
1(2) 2019 pp. 53-60Osamede Akhimien and Agbonsalo U. OsaigbovoDownload PDF
An Improved Method for Generating Factorial Effects and their Treatment
Combinations in a Full Symmetric Factorial Designs
1(2) 2019 pp. 62-68Dauran N. S. and Danbaba A.Download PDF
Comparative Analysis of Compost Manure and Inorganic Fertilizer on the
Bacterial Population Density of Cocoa Seedling Rhizosphere
1(2) 2019 pp. 69-76Osamede Akhimien and Solomon E. OmonighoDownload PDF
Bacteriological Enumeration and Air Quality of Three Major Hospitals in Benin
City, Nigeria
1(2) 2019 pp. 77-86Idemudia, I.B. and Ekhaise, F.ODownload PDF
State-of-the-Art Approach to Economic Load Dispatch on Nigerian HydroThermal Electric Power System: A Review1(2) 2019 pp. 87-99Ade-Ikuesan, O. O., Olabode, O. E., Okakwu, I. K. and Okelola, M. O.Download PDF
Contraceptive and Abortificent Effects of Aqueous Crude Extract of Sclerotia
of Pleurotus tuberregium on Non pregnant and Pregnant Wistar Rats
1(2) 2019 pp. 100-108Oshomoh E.O and Obaro P. O.Download PDF
Effect of Zinc Addition on the Microstructure of Waste Acid Battery Lead
Electrode (Pb-Sb Alloy)
1(2) 2019 pp. 109-117Oisakede, M.O, Orumwense F.F.O. and Sadjere E.G.Download PDF
Environmental Impact of Scrap Metal Industries: Examination of Vertical
Seepage of Scrap Metal Effluents (Heavy Metals) into the Aquifer
1(2) 2019 pp. 118-127Chukwu V.N., Anoliefo G.O. and Ikhajiagbe B.Download PDF
Modified SDBDF Based on a Non-Zero Root of the Second Characteristics
1(2) 2019 pp. 128-135A. P. Ijeziea and K. O. MukaDownload PDF
Health Risk Assessment of some Heavy Metals (Cd, Pb, Cr) in Soil Sample from
Gashua, Yobe, Nigeria
1(2) 2019 pp. 136-143Salamatu Ahmad Amshi, Aliyu Adamu, Hassan Yesufu and Hananiya MilagawandaDownload PDF
Recycling Polymer Materials in Design, Construction and Trial
Application of Positive Pressure Laboratory Dispenser
1(2) 2019 pp. 144-151Salehdeen M.U. and Akonyi N.S.Download PDF
Assessment of Bioflocculant Production by Proteus vulgaris Isolated from
Ikpoba River
1(2) 2019 pp. 152-163Ikponmwen, I., Idemudia, I.B. and Ekhaise, F.O. Download PDF
Variation of Electrical Activity of Bovine Cerebrum and Cerebellum Tissue
with Temperature
1(2) 2019 pp. 164-168Ejere I.I.A., Okunzuwa S., Oni-Ojo A.A. and Abiola J.ADownload PDF
Protective Effect of Ethanol Extract of Soursop (Annona Muricata Linn)
Leaves on Cycad Induced Oxidative Stress in Male Albino Wistar Rats
1(2) 2019 pp. 169-177Agu, Kingsley Chukwunonso, Ayevbuomwan, Merit Ehimamieogho, Ikponmwosa-Eweka,
Omorede and Erema, G
Download PDF
Chemical analysis and GC-MS characterization of ether fraction from persea
americana seed
1(2) 2019 pp. 178-182C. Ofunne, O. Iyekowa, H. O. OkolieDownload PDF
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