Afuwai Gwazah Cyril & Banda Caleb


The interpretation of 15 Schlumberger Vertical Sounding (VES) data along 3 profiles were carried out in Government Day Secondary School Narayi, Kaduna State. This is an attempt to investigate the Depth to Basement and the Basement topography of the area. The Ohmega Terrameter was the principal instrument used. No booster was used. The Schlumberger electrode configuration was used in the data acquisition. The method consists of expanding AB (distance between the current electrodes) while MN (distance between the potential electrodes) is kept fixed. The VES curves were interpreted using IPI2Win resistivity computer software. The survey area is dominated by mainly four layers (topsoil, weathered basement, fractured basement and fresh basement). The results of the interpreted VES data showed an uneven distribution of the basement layer, with resistivity values ranging from 4.75Ωm – 220000Ωm. The basement layer is predominantly fresh granitic rocks. The depth to basement ranges from 10.8m – 21.96m with an average depth of 15.42m. Clay constituents are needed to be excavated at an average depth of 6m from the topsoil before laying any foundation. Read full PDF

Keywords: Resistivity, basement topography, VES


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