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Mechanical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste in Lagos Metropolis, a Case Study of Ikeja 1-11Adedeji, O. Wasiua and Amosun, S. TaiwobDownload PDF
Probability Prediction of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Upstream Throughput in a Network12-21Ayidu N. Joy and Elaigwu. O. Victor Download PDF
Development of Biogas Burner Stove from Aluminum Alloy Scraps22-33Oreko Benjamin Ufuoma and Otanocha B. Omonigho Download PDF
Insights into the factors influencing the use of plastic products for water packaging and their sustainable recycling potential 34-46Eyere Emagbetere, Joseph Oyetola Oyekale, Oluwasina Samuel Omotoso, Benjamin Ufuoma Oreko, Omonigho Benedict Otanocha Download PDF
Investigation of the Safety Conditions of Voltage in High Voltage Network Poles: A Case Study of Benin City, Nigeria47-56Elaigwu V.O, Olodu D.D and Okagbare G.O Download PDF
Near Field Communication Internet of Things (NFC-IoT) Based University Examination Monitoring System 57-68Ahiara, W. C and Okey, D. O Download PDF
Development of Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) Curves for Rainfall Prediction in Some Selected States in South-West Nigeria 69-82Ilaboya, I. R and Nwachukwu, S. NDownload PDF
Study on the Impact of Some Selected Variables on the Dispersion of Nitrogen Oxide (NO2) using Distribution Lag Model (DLM)83-95Ilaboya, I.R; Iyeke, S.D and Abulu, E.I.Download PDF
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Using Entrepreneurship, Innovations and Investments: The Engineer as Key Driver96-110Kingsley-Omoyibo Queeneth Adesuwa and Adeyemo Jacob TitilopeDownload PDF
Pre-treatment of Recycled Concrete Aggregates with Sulphuric Acid and Water: Effect on Strength and Water Absorption111-119Okiemute Roland Ogirigbo and Chimezie Uzoma Esinaulo Download PDF
Assessment of Surface Water Quality in the Water Bodies in Aquaculture Area in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam120-133Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Rubber Seed Shell Biochar Sulphonation: A Process Optimization and Conditions’ Effect Analysis134-143Charity Aghariagbonse Osagiede and Felix Aibuedefe Aisien Download PDF
An Investigation of the Hydro-Power Potential of the Ojirami Dam in Nigeria144-154Okagbare, G.O; Omotehinse, S.A and Ighodaro, O.ODownload PDF
Design and Construction of a Wi-Fi-controlled solar inverter System155-162Peter Chibuike Okoye Download PDF
Spatiotemporal Variation of Coastal Water Quality in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam Using Multivariate Statistical Methods163-176Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF