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An Analysis of Hole Deviation and its Effect on Production2(2) 2020 pp. 1-10Oppong, M. N and Agyei, G.Download PDF
Comparative Analysis of Software Components Reusability Level using GFS
and ANFIS Soft-Computing Techniques
2(2) 2020 pp. 11-22Ajayi, Olusola O., Chiemeke, Stella C., Ukaoha, Kingsley CDownload PDF
Using Multilayer Perceptron and Deep Neural Networks for the Diagnosis of
Breast Cancer Classification
2(2) 2020 pp. 23-34Igodan, C. Efosa, Ukaoha, Kingsley, CDownload PDF
Measurement of Levels of Concentrations of Some Heavy Metals in Soils of
Some Selected Areas of Pindiga, Nigeria
2(2) 2020 pp. 35-42Muhammad Hassana, Yakubu H. Ngadda and Aliyu AdamuDownload PDF
Influence of Priming Treatments on Growth and Yield of Rice Under Different
Irrigation Regimes
2(2) 2020 pp. 43-58Isiaka Kareem, Mohd Razi Ismail, Adam Puteh, Mahamoud Abdillahi Rabileh, Saliu
Adeyemi Kareem, Alasinrin Sikiru Yusuf
Download PDF
Growth and Yield of Rice Under Different Priming Media2(2) 2020 pp. 59-77Isiaka Kareem, Mohd Razi Ismail, Adam Puteh Mahamoud Abdillahi Rabileh, Saliu
Adeyemi Kareem, Alasinrin Sikiru Yusuf
Download PDF
Multiplicative Cyclic Contraction Mappings Class and Best Proximity Point
2(2) 2020 pp. 78-89Terrang, A.U, Akinwunmi, S.A, Oyewola, D.O and Bitrus, M.MDownload PDF
Investigation of the Effects of Hydraulic Transient due to Instantaneous Valve
Closure in a Petroleum Pipeline
2(2) 2020 pp. 90-101A. B. Muhammad, A. Nasir, S. A. Ayo and Bori IgeDownload PDF
Contributing Impact of Climate Change on Sustainability of Bio-Degradable
Material-Adaptation of Alternative Measures
2(2) 2020 pp. 102-107Oludaisi AdekomayaDownload PDF
Analytic Approximation of Non-Periodic Dynamical System by Perturbation
2(2) 2020 pp. 108-117Yisa, B. M.Download PDF
Climate Change: The Contributing and Mitigating Impact of Plastic Materials2(2) 2020 pp. 118-123Oludaisi AdekomayaDownload PDF
Interpretation of Geoelectric Pseudo Section and Seismic Refraction
Tomography with Borehole Logs Carried out across a Functional Borehole at
Garaje-Kagoro Area of Kaduna Northwestern Nigeria
2(2) 2020 pp. 124-133Afuwai Gwazah CyrilDownload PDF
Effect of Shelled and Unshelled Moringa Seed on Fecal Coliform Reduction in
Water Treatment
2(2) 2020 pp. 134-141Ohazurike Emeka, Ikpemo OgechiDownload PDF
Kinetics of the Extraction of Oleoresin from Ginger: Influence of Particle Size
and Extraction Time Effects
2(2) 2020 pp. 142-151A.O. Ameh, M.S. Olakunle, H.U. Shehu and T. OyegokeDownload PDF
Strength Property of Laterite Blocks Made with Different Pozzolanic
2(2) 2020 pp. 152-157Okere, Chinenye E.Download PDF
Duty Cycle Analysis of Radio Spectrum Profile Utilization for Cellular Bands2(2) 2020 pp. 158-165Isa, A. A., Akanni, J., Thomas, C. T., Alao, R. A., Adeshola, A. SDownload PDF
Solving Predator-Prey Model Using Maple 18 Coded Variational Iteration
Method (VIM)
2(2) 2020 pp. 166-177Falade, K. I., Salisu, U., Ayodele, V.IDownload PDF
Characterization of Neem Seed Oil and its Biodiesel (B100)2(2) 2020 pp. 178-187Taiwo, A. G., Ijaola, T. O., Lawal, S. O. and LanreIyanda, Y. A.Download PDF
Information Technology a Tool for Narratives Preservation in Nigeria2(2) 2020 pp. 188-194Oveh, R.O and Aziken, G.ODownload PDF
The Dangers of Plastics to Public Health: A Review2(2) 2020 pp. 195-200Yusuf Sarkingobir, Malami Dikko, Sulaiman Aliyu, Umar Tambari, Abdullahi Adamu,
Ibrahim A. Salau , Murtala Abubakar Gada
Download PDF
Development of an Automatic Rain and Voice Activated Vehicle Windscreen
2(2) 2020 pp. 201-211Hassan A. B., Abdulmalik D.M., Yusuf M.A, Garba A.BDownload PDF
Drain Current Characteristics of Carbon-nanotube FET (CNTFET) with SiO2,
ZrO2 and HfO2 as Dielectric Materials using FETToy Code
2(2) 2020 pp. 212 -227A. Tijjani, G.S.M. Galadanci, G. BabajiDownload PDF
Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint-Based Attendance Management
2(2) 2020 pp. 228 -235Odia Ozuem Osasuyi, Ehiedu Joy Oghogho, Nick Obinna Ihedi-OkonkwoDownload PDF