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On the Class of Exponential-Type Imputation Estimators of Population Mean with Known Population Mean of Auxiliary Variable1 - 11
A. Audu, O. O. Ishaq, U. Isah, S. Muhammed, K. A. Akintola, A. Rashida, A. AbubakarDownload PDF
Modified Estimators of Population Mean Using Robust Multiple Regression Methods12 - 20 A. Audu, O. O. Ishaq, J. O. Muili, A. Abubakar, A. Rashida, K. A. Akintola, U. IsahDownload PDF
Seasonal Variations in GSM Path Loss at L-Band Frequency in Different Microcellular Environments of Southwestern Nigeria21 - 34Abiodun, I. C., Emeruwa, C.Download PDF
Soil Properties in the Vicinity of Discharge Spent Motor Oil in Ohiya
Automobile Mechanic Village Umuahia, Abia State
35 - 41Stephen, A. C., Ogwo, P. A and Mbagwu, C. FDownload PDF
Proximate, Phytochemical Profiling and Antibacterial Activity of Aqueous
Solanum Melongena Linn Leaf Extract
42- 48Dunkwu-Okafor, A, Atuanya, E. I. and Obayagbona, O. N.Download PDF
Effect of Potassium Bromide on the Volumetric Behaviour of Binary Mixtures
of Ethylene and Propylene Glycols with Methanol
49 - 53Grace A. Cookey and Daopuye S. IboromaDownload PDF
A Comparative Study of Hybrid Network (Powerline Communication and WiFi) and Wireless Network Using University of Benin’s Computer Engineering
Laboratory as a Case Study
54 - 61Aideyan I. Winifred, K.B EramehDownload PDF
Selected Physicochemical Evaluation of Sediments from a Mangrove Swamp in Warri, Southern Nigeria62 - 73Odigie, O. and Olomukoro, J. ODownload PDF
Determination of Physiochemical Properties of Dikanut Shell74-82R.S. Ebhojiaye, O.E. Ogbebor and P.E. AmiolemhenDownload PDF
Topp Leone Exponential – G Family of Distributions: Properties and Application83-96A. A. Sanusi, S.I.S Doguwa, I. Audu and Y. M. BarayaDownload PDF
Social Distancing and Musculoskeletal Disorders in Supermarkets during COVID-19 Pandemic in Ogun State Southwest Nigeria97-103Musa, Adekunle IbrahimDownload PDF
Improved Clog Resistance Testing Methodology for Wastewater Pumps with Flygt Adaptive Impeller Design104-114Roy Emetitiri, Godfrey Ariavie, Elkin Martinez, Stefan Ramström and Mats KarlenDownload PDF
An Investigation of ANOVA Properties of Variance Components into the Variance Component Estimator of Treatment Effect of Sudoku Square Design’s Models 115-122Shehu, A. and Dauran, N. S.Download PDF
Performance of Organic and Inorganic Substrates for the Bioremediation of Crude Petroleum Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil123-133Ilaboya, I.R and Onaiwu, D.ODownload PDF
Kinetic Studies and Development of Maximum Remediation Time Prediction Models for the Bioremediation of Crude Petroleum Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil134-147Ilaboya, I.R and Onaiwu, D.ODownload PDF