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Effect of Temperature on the Quasi Ballistic Transport of a Double Gate NanoMOSFET 1-10S.M.Gana, G.S.M.Galadanci ,T. H. Darma , A.S. Gidado , A. TijjaniDownload PDF
Environmental Problems at The Yellow Snail Processing Households in Phung Hiep District, Hau Giang Province, Vietnam
11-20Nguyen Thanh Giao, Truong Hoang Dan and Vuong Thi Giau EmDownload PDF
Improved Recognition System for Mobile Transactions in Banking Industries21-29Adekunle M. Ibrahim, Oyeyemi OyebodeDownload PDF
Effect of Lead and Cadmium on Soil Microbial Activities30-45Olajide Akinnibosun, Abeni Beshiru and Etinosa O. IgbinosaDownload PDF
Seasonal Variation of Surface Water Quality in the Water Bodies in the Plain of Reeds, a Vietnamese Mekong Delta Area
46-56Nguyen Van Cong and Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Effect of Air-Drying of Brachystegia Laurentii Wood on Some of its Mechanical Properties57-63Nwankwo, E and Ngozi Kayode OjoDownload PDF
Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Selected Pattern Matching Algorithms
64-70Princewill Aigbe, Emmanue NwelihDownload PDF
Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) Protocols Based on Selected Criteria
71-81Emmanuel Nwelih and Princewill AigbeDownload PDF
Path Profile Modeling of Telecommunication Signals for a Telecomm Provider in the University of Benin82-89Isidaehomen Edeoghon, Oduware OkosunDownload PDF
Design of Web Based Software for Heterogeneous Network Deployment and Energy Efficiency Determination for Outdoor Cellular Communication Networks90-99Isi Arthur Edeoghon, Osemekhian Innocent Omoifo, Kingsley Osaro OgbeideDownload PDF
First Principles Investigation of Electronic, Structural, Magnetic and Thermodynamic Properties of KXO3 (X=Sr and Ba) Perovskite100-106M. I. Babalola, B. E. IyorzorDownload PDF
Android Based Course Material Management Application Using University of Benin as A Case Study107-114Oduware Okosun, Amanda Iriagbonse InyangDownload PDF
Effect of Magnesium on the Hardness of Cast Aluminium Alloy Using Sand
Casting Method
115-119Idemudia I.A, Osumili E.IDownload PDF
Effects of Magnesium on the Microstructure of Cast Aluminum Alloy Using Sand
Casting Method
120-124Idemudia I.A., Oladeinde M.HDownload PDF
Review of the Applications, Properties and Processing Parameters of Dual Phase Steels125-139S.C. IkpeseniDownload PDF
Effect of Magnesium on Tensile Strength of Cast Aluminum Alloy Using Sand Casting Method140-143Idemudia I.A, Inegbedion Francis Download PDF
Chemical Stabilization of Deltaic Lateritic Soil Using Cement and Superplasticizer144-152Ogirigbo, O. R., Imafidon, D., Ehiorobo, J. O.Download PDF
Experimental Investigation of the Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Structures Exposed to the Escravos River of Nigeria153-161Osuji, S. O., Ogirigbo, O. R., Atakere, F. UDownload PDF
Towards a Robust Mobile Learning Framework for Nigerian Higher Institutions Using a Hybrid System 162-177Iwayemi, A., Adegboye O. J., Olowokere O. B.Download PDF
Design and Implementation of Intelligent System for Detection and Analysis of Ebola Disease178-187Adekunle M. Ibrahim, Selimot AdekanyeDownload PDF
Development of a Pedal Powered Garri Frying Machine188-198Ebhojiaye, R. S. & Obobaifo, R. O.Download PDF
Selected Trace Metal Evaluation of raw and Commercially Processed Spices
Sold in Several Municipal Markets in Benin City, Southern Nigeria
199-204Emejulu, M.J., Amaechi, C. F. and Obayagbona O. NDownload PDF
Intelligent Transportation System Simulation for Traffic Management in Urban Transportation Planning Process205-210Osamuyi Osasu and Edward Obi-RapuDownload PDF