Please click here to download cover page and table of contents of the NIPES Journal of Science and Technology Research, Vol.3 Issue 4, 2021

Theoretical Study of a Model for Dengue and its Co- Endemicity with Chikungunya Virus1-5R.U. Akhaze and O.O. Olowu Download PDF
Assessing Surface Water Quality in In-Field Water Bodies in Ben Tre Province, Vietnam16-27Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Uncertainty and Reliability Analysis in Gully Slope Stability Prediction: A Case Study of Iguosa Gully, Benin City28-37Obanor J. O., Ehiorobo J. O., Ogirigbo O. R. and Nwankwo E.Download PDF
Assessment of Coastal Surface Water Quality in Southern Vietnam38-48Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Investigation of the Thermal Effect in Nano Silicon on Insulator (SOI) MOSFET49-57S.M.Gana, G.S.M.Galadanci ,T. H. Darma, A. Tijjani Download PDF
Effect of X-Ray Irradiation on the Growth and Yield Parameters of Four Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata (L.) Walp) Genotypes58-68Andrew, Osivmete Victor., Egbucha, Kelechukwu Chris., Omosun, Garuba., Akanwa, Franklin Eberechi and Akpanudo, Samuel InnocentDownload PDF
Modified Milne’s Method for Solving IVP Using Matlab69-77Subhi Abdalazim Aljily Osman, Abdel Radi Abdel Rahman Abdel Gadir Abdel Rahman, Arafat Abdelhameed Abdelrahman and Ragaa Mohammed Haj IbrahimDownload PDF
A Taguchi- Single Response Approach to Optimize Bead Geometry in TIG Mild Steel Weld 78-85Ashama O.O. and Achebo J.I. Download PDF
Analysis of Management Participation and Economic Influence for a Re-Contextualization of Osha Portable Concept in the Industrial Sector in Nigeria Using Analytic Hierarchy Process86-96Cordelia Ochuole Omoyi, Adeleke T.B.Download PDF
Analysis and Computer Simulation of Handoff Decision in 4G Networks97-108Udo, E. U, Oleh, U. Q., Odo, G. O. Download PDF
Impact of Kerosene, Diesel and Gasoline Treatments on the Morphology, Growth Indices and Plant Based Component of an Aquatic Macrophyte Eichhornia Crassipes109-118Eguagie, M.O. & Unah J. ADownload PDF
Optimization of the Production Capacity of a Manufacturing Company as Linear Programming Model119-124Amosun, S.T and Muhammed, M.ADownload PDF
Design and Implementation of Home Automation System Based on Raspberry Pi125-134I. Makama , S.M. Gana Download PDF
Empirical Study of UDPuploss in IEEE802.11b/G WLAN System135-140Ayidu, Nneka Joy and Iruansi, UsiholoDownload PDF
A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Models for Solar Power Generation Forecasting Using Weather Parameters: A Case of Benin City141-152A. Obayuwana and Godwin O. MonicaDownload PDF
Microcontroller-Based Generic Remote Process Monitoring System Using Fully Expanded State Transition Table153-162Chiagunye, T. T, Okey, D. O, Ilo, S. F, Obidiwe T. ADownload PDF
Modelling of a Deep Learning Based SMS Spam Detection Application163-173Osa E. , Elaigwu. V.O Download PDF
Design of Solar Electricity (PV) System to Power UBTH, Accident & Emergency Operating Theatre 174-180Odiase F.O. & Aikhoje P.T.Download PDF
Achieving the Appropriate Measures of Trade Facilitation Using Intellectual Property Rights in Engineering and Trade Facilitation, for a Sustainable Global Trade181-193Kingsley- Omoyibo, Queeneth Adesuwa Download PDF
Public-Private Partnership (PPP), A Veritable Tool for a Sustainable Energy Mix in Subnational and Municipal Public Infrastructure Projects194-203Kingsley- Omoyibo, Queeneth Adesuwa Download PDF
Design and Analysis of a Ladder Chassis Frame for use in the Construction of a Lightweight Utility Vehicle204-212Eghosa O. Igbinosa, A. O. Akii Ibhadode, Raphael S. Ebhojiaye and Daniel OkwokaDownload PDF
Comparative Study of Melon (Colocynths Ecirrhosus) Depodding Techniques for Effective Post-Harvest Processing213-226Ikpe Aniekan Essienubong, Eghosa Omo-Oghogho, Osasumwen Godswill OgiemudiaDownload PDF
Application of Chan Plot in Water Control Diagnostics for Field Optimization: Water/Gas Coning and Cusping227-232Mekunye Francis & Paul Osaze OgbeideDownload PDF
Performance of Multiple Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network in Predicting Risk Index233-244Ekiugbo A., Amiolemhen P. and Ariavie G.ODownload PDF
Design, Modelling, Simulation, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Portable Foot Operated Dispenser245-258Onochie U.P., Obilikpa S.C.,Onwurah C., Kwasi-Effah C.C., Itabor N.A., Damisah L. E, Akingba O. O.Download PDF
Mathematical Models of Seasonal Dynamics of Bedload Sediments in Eco-Geomorphologic Units of the Tropical Rivers, Southeastern Nigeria 259-270Ikpong Sunday Umo; Angela Iweka Enwereuzor; Mary N. Ezemonye Download PDF
Climate Variability and the Issues in Flood Disaster Risk Awareness in Nigerian Communities271-282Ikpong Sunday Umo; Patience E. N. Okoroafor; Ifeanyi Gerry Ukwe Download PDF
Usability Evaluation of the Polytechnic Portal/Website with Different End-User Groups293-296Alawode A. John and Buoye A. Peter.Download PDF
Design and Simulation of an Optimized Link State Routing Mobile Network297-313Ogodo O.E Download PDF
Optimization of the Weld Bead Volume of Tungsten Inert Gas Mild Steel Using Response Surface Methodology 314-321E.C. Etin-Osa and O.O. OgbeideDownload PDF
The Place of Innovation and Indigenous Technology in National Economic Transformation322-332I. T. Okafor, V.O. Ughwumiakpor, I. E. OkonkwoDownload PDF
Effect of Bacterial Bio-Calcination on the Strength and Durability of Cement Mortar333-341Aruwan, F. S.; Kaura, J. M. & Ocholi, ADownload PDF
Formulation, Evaluation, and Comparison of Herbal Shampoo with Marketed Synthetic Shampoos342-348Newton A. Ihoeghian, Esther AkwaraDownload PDF
Development of a UFAA-19 Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle349-366C.C. Kwasi-Effah, U.E. Igbeka, B.C. Ataman, A.I. Emenime, F. Max-EguakunDownload PDF
Solid – State Current Limiting Star – Delta Starter for A 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor367-375T.A. Aika and F.O. Odiase Download PDF