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Backward Bifurcation Analysis of a Dengue-Chikungunya Model
1-11Akhaze R.U. and Ako I.I.
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Estimating Annual Amount of Soil Loss Over University of Benin Using RUSLE, GIS and Remote Sensing Methods 12-38Emeribe C.N, Isagba E.S; Iwhiwhu B.E; Ogbomida E.T; Akukwe T.I Download PDF
Key Variables Influencing Surface Water Quality in the Flood Control Area in An Giang province, Vietnam

39-50Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Surface Water Quality Influenced by Industrial Wastewater Effluent in An Giang Province, Vietnam

51-58Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Isolation of Urinary Tract Infection Organisms from Apparently Healthy Student of University of Benin59-65Saidu, J.Z. and Ologbosere, O.ADownload PDF
Investigating the Health Hazards Associated with 5G Network: A Review66-77Udo, E. U., Aru, O. E., Okey, D. O., Agwu, E. O.Download PDF
Modeling and Optimization of Anaerobic Biogas Digestion Process of Pig Dung Using Response Surface Methodology78-89Adama, K.K and Ikhazuangbe, P.M.ODownload PDF
Risk Assessment of Climate Variability in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria90-105Amaechi Chika Floyd, S. M. Hassan Download PDF
Evaluation of Production Process and Capacity Utilization (A Case Study of UNIBEN Water Factory)106-117Inegbedion Francis, Ibude Emmanuel Isioma

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Antifungal Properties of Allium sativum (Garlic) and Zingiber officinale (Ginger) on Fungi Isolated from Postgraduate Student Hostels’ Bathrooms, University of Benin, Benin City118-136Idemudia, I. B., Ozoaduche, C. L. and Ekhaise, F.O.Download PDF
Modelling Vehicular Noise Pollution Data in Some Parts of Warri, Delta State Using Multivariate and Confirmatory Factor Analysis137-152Ilaboya, I.R; Iyeke, S.D and Asibor, U.BDownload PDF
Effects of Allanblackia Floribunda Stem-Bark on Modulations of Calcium and Mitochondrial DNA in Crude Oil Stress153-160Olubodun, S. O, Osagie, O. A. and Aguebor-Ogie, N. B.Download PDF
Study of Factors that Sway Industrial Accident Occurrence in the Oil And Gas Industry161-170Abovie Bokolo, Ayodeji Omotehinse, Daniel IgoniderighaDownload PDF
Radio Duct Estimation in Some Selected Areas of the Gulf of Guinean Troposphere171-178Ikharo A. B., Amhenrior E. H.Download PDF
Geotechnical Investigations of Road Failures Along Benin Technical School Road, Benin City, Edo State 179-185Kenneth Ojeaga, Ukeme Donatus Archinbong, Atufe AfokogheneDownload PDF
Thermal and Structural Analyses of a Locally Developed Internal Combustion (IC) Engine Cylinder Head Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 186-199Oghoghorie, O., Ebhojiaye, R.S. and Amiolemhen, P. E.Download PDF
Determining Efficiency of Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Motor Using Magnetic Circuit Simulation200-211Obi, P.I, Diyoke, G.C and Onwuka, I.KDownload PDF
Improved Under-Voltage Load Shedding Scheme in Power System Network for South Eastern Nigeria212-223Chukwulobe, O.O, Obi, P.I, Amako, E.A and Ezeonye, C.SDownload PDF
Evaluation of Physical Properties of Composite Material Produced from Short
Bamboo Fibre with Carbonized Bone Particles in an Epoxy Matrix
224-233Ikpoza, E. and Akpobi, J. A.Download PDF
Design and Fabrication of a Journal Bearing Test Rig for Pressure and
Temperature Variation Evaluation
234-243Ejiroghene Kelly Orhorhoro, Andrew Amagbor Erameh, Tele BlessingDownload PDF
Biodegradation Potential of Bacterial Isolates from Crude Oil Contaminated
Soil Samples from Gelegele River, Edo State
244-257Udinyiwe, C.O., Idemudia, I. B. and Ekhaise, F.O.Download PDF
Effect of Drill Bit Sizes and Workpiece Material on Vibrations in a Drilling Machine258-265Eyere Emagbetere, Peter A. OghenekowhoDownload PDF
Assessing Team’s Back ‘4’ for Predicting Match Draw266-288 Babalola Abdulhafeez Oluwabunmi , Ajayi Olusola Olajide, Adegbite Adewuyi Adetayo, Aju Omojokun Gabriel, Orogun Adebola Okunola, Omomule Taiwo GabrielDownload PDF
Evaluation of Team’s False ‘9’ for Match Winner Prediction289-310Abiodun Tolulope Oluwayomi, Ajayi Olusola Olajide, Adegbite Adewuyi Adetayo, Aju
Omojokun Gabriel, Orogun Adebola Okunola, Omomule Taiwo Gabriel
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Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Assessment of Vegetation Around Oben Gas Flow Station, Edo State, Nigeria311-321Amaechi Chika Floyd, Ajokpauwu Elo RuthDownload PDF
Capacity Evaluation Along Benin-Lagos Expressway by Traffic Flow and Time Headway Approach322-328Oghoyafedo K. N., Enunwa B. T. and Nwankwo EDownload PDF
A Conceptual Examination of Computer Networking Using Wireless Network329-339Nwelih, E. and Oghenekaro, L. U.Download PDF
Radon Emanation and Physicochemical Parameters Assessment of Well Water in Selected Area in Ondo State, Nigeria
340-352Adeola Margaret AsereDownload PDF
Sensitivity of Defect Geometry in a Combined Dent and Gouge Defected
353-363E. Anugea, N. EnomaDownload PDF