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The Use of Phytoplankton Biodiversity Index for Predicting Water Quality at the Flood Control Area in An Giang Province, Vietnam1-6Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Characteristics of Effluents from Industrial, Hospital, Aquacultural and Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam7-13Nguyen Thanh GiaoDownload PDF
Quantitative Analysis of Phytochemical Constituents and Invitro Antioxidant Potentials of Poly-Herbal Formulation14-26Oshomoh, E. O., Uwaya, D. O. and Uzama-Avenbuan, O.Download PDF
A 2-D Numerical Solution of Temperature Distribution, Solidification Time and Thickness in Continuous Slab Casting27-34Francis-Akilaki T.I. and Erhunmwun I.D.Download PDF
Biolubricants Exploration as an Alternative to Petroleum Based Lubricants and its Prospects in Nigeria35-48John E. Oguche, Toyese Oyegoke , Augustine E. Idah and Charles C. AnigborguDownload PDF
Taguchi and RSM in the Development of Cip-Parrafin-Oil Based Magneto-Rheological Fluid Enhanced with Grease49-63Eyere Emagbetere; Anthony O. Egorerhua; Joseph O. Oyekale; Chrostopher I AjuwaDownload PDF
Factorial Model Prediction for Performance of Ordinary Portland Cement Blended with Metakaolin and Sawdust Ash for Oil Well Cementing 64-78Silas, E.O. Onwuka, D. O. , Njoku F.CDownload PDF
Design of A High Efficiency Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter for Low Power Application 79-85Bello N. and Edegbe E.

Download PDF
Predictive Current Control in Active Power Factor Correction Controller86-95Bello N. and Edegbe E.Download PDF
Smart Energy Saver System for Home Appliances96-107Oriaifo A. P. and Elaigwu V. O.Download PDF
Design and Implementation of an Internet of Things Based Smart Fan108-119Oriaifo A. P. and Obasohan O. Download PDF
Physiological Reactions of Push/Pull Exertion Mechanisms Demands on Workers for MMH Tasks in the Work Environment120-126Azodo Adinife Patrick, Ismaila Salami Olasunkanmi, Kuye Sidikat. Ibiyemi. and Dairo Olawale. Usman Download PDF
Preliminary Assessment of Building Failures in Civil Engineering Construction127-135Stephen A. O, Alhassan A. I Omenaimen Ikhide and Stephen Opeyemi. ODownload PDF
Milling Method: Level of Heavy Metal Content in Foodstuffs and Soup Ingredients136-143Asere Adeola M.Download PDF
A Review on the Industrial Applications and Properties of Fiber-Reinforced and Other Polymeric Composites144-162Olodu D. D; Okagbare G.O. and Ikri S.O.Download PDF
Physicochemical and Bacteriological Qualities of Indoor Air in Selected Public Primary Schools in Benin City, Edo State163-174Ologbosere, O. A.,Ukpebor, E. E. and Ekhaise, F.O.Download PDF
Probability Model for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Upstream Throughput for Single User in Real Time and Non-Real Time Scenarios in IEEE802.11b/g WLAN175-181Ayidu N.J, Elaigwu V.O.Download PDF
Investigation of the Effect of Some Salts on the Rheological Properties of Xanthan Gum and Gum Arabic Present in a Drilling Fluid182-191Paul Okaome, Sarah AkintolaDownload PDF
Investigating the Availability of Modern Automotive Safety Equipment in Private and Commercial Vehicles in Adamawa State, Nigeria 192-196Bwala, Ezekiel Buba and Amosun, Semiu TaiwoDownload PDF
Near Field Communication Intelligent Remote Livestock Monitoring System (Nigeria)197-209Ahiara, W. C, Udeani H. U., Okey, D. O, Ihekweaba, CDownload PDF
Deposition and Characterization of Conducting Polymer (polyaniline) Thin Film in Electrical and Optical Application Using Chemical Deposition Technique210-215Kate Ojoba Clever , Silas Oseme Okuma and Martins ObasekiDownload PDF
Impact of Sensitization on the Weight Loss of Austenitic Stainless Steel (Type 304) In Fresh Water216-219Adi, Christian and Komonibo, Ernest BolouebiDownload PDF
Alleviation of Drought Stress in Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicon) Using Organic Mulch220-234Isiaka Kareem, Oluwasogo Ifedayo Ilerioluwa, Yusuf Sa’adat Yetunde, Lawal Mujidat Temidayo, Abdulkareem Khadijah Abdulhamid, Olayinka Bolaji UmarDownload PDF
Stressful Effect of Different Rates of Nitrogen Starter Dose on Nodulation, Growth, Proximate Composition and Yield of Soybean (Glycine Max)235-245Isiaka Kareem, Lawal Quadri Olawale, Olayinka Bolaji Umar, Abdulkareem, Khadijah Abdulhamid, Lawal Mujidat Temidayo, Yusuf Sa’adat Yetunde Download PDF
Optimisation of Cut-Off Grade Considering Dilution and Waste Rehabilitation Costs246-258Pascal Amedzrovi, Clement Arthur George AgyeiDownload PDF
Buckling of Externally Pressurized Toroidal Vessels with Circular-Elliptical Cross-Section259-269N. Enoma, J. MaduDownload PDF
Effect of Imperfections on the Buckling Behaviour of a Pressurized Circular-Elliptical Toroid270-277N. Enoma, J. MaduDownload PDF
Design and Analysis of 80cc, 4-Stroke Spark Ignition Engine Connecting Rod278-288R.S. Ebhojiaye and C.I. EboigbeDownload PDF
Analysis of the Wear Resistance of Epoxy-Agro Waste Nanoparticle Coating for Mild Steel289 - 305 Oisakede M. O and Sadjere E. G.Download PDF
Studies with Selected Phytochemical Constituents of Vernonia Amygdalina Leaves and Influence of Processing and Storage306-317Dibie N. Edward and Esther C. DibieDownload PDF
Geotechnical characterization of Soil susceptibility to Gully Erosion, Capitol, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria318-323Ojeaga, K., Afolabi, S.Download PDF
Investigating the Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Structural, Electronic,
Mechanical, Lattice Dynamics and Optical Properties of the Cubic Perovskite
RbTaO3: A DFT Approach
324-333Iyorzor B. E., Babalola M. I. and Ebuwa S.ODownload PDF