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Co-Compost Biotreatment of Drilling Muds Contaminated Sites2(3) 2020 pp. 1-11Onwudiwe, C.C, Atuanya, E.I and Imarhiagbe, E.EDownload PDF
Exploring Cybersecurity Threats in Digital Marketing2(3) 2020 pp. 12-20Susan KonyehaDownload PDF
Design and Fabrication of a Multi-Purpose Homogenizer2(3) 2020 pp. 21-35Ajibola O.O, Alamuoye O.F, Omoyeni D.O., Adebayo A.O., Borisade S.G., Olotu V.,
Adetoye O., Adebanji S.
Download PDF
The Analytical Modeling of Nuclear Size Effect on Relativistic Electron in
Hydrogen Atom
2(3) 2020 pp. 36-44Aliyu Adamu, Adamu Hassan, Ahmad Abdulkadir and Adamu Z. NgariDownload PDF
Strength Characteristics of Lateritic Soil Reinforced with Waste Rubber Tyre
2(3) 2020 pp.45 - 51Kayode-Ojo, N., Igwebuike, N. JDownload PDF
Tabu Search with Explicit Adaptive Guiding Heuristic for the Examination
Timetabling Problem
2(3) 2020 pp. 52-69Ezike, J. O. J.Download PDF
Design and Fabrication of Portable Weld Residual Stress Measuring Device
using MBN Principle
2(3) 2020 pp. 70-84C.E Etin-Osa, J. I. Achebo and K. O. ObahiagbonDownload PDF
Development of Internet of Things (IoT) Based Energy Consumption
Monitoring and Device Control System
2(3) 2020 pp. 85-95Stephen Bassi Joseph, Emmanuel Gbenga Dada and Muhammed Sadiq AbdullahiDownload PDF
Assessment of the Antimicrobial Sensitivity of Ethanolic Extracts of
Phyllanthus amarus (Schum. et Thonn) Leaves on Oral Microorganisms
2(3) 2020 pp. 96 -102Oshomoh, E. O., Uzama-Avenbuan, O. and Ayanru, D.Download PDF
Bacteriological Quality of Aerial Ambient Air in Selected Creche and Daycare
Centers in Ugbowo, Benin City
2(3) 2020 pp.103 -112Ologbosere, O.A. and Ogofure, A.G.Download PDF
Sedimentation Profile of Strontium Phosphate Precipitate in Aqueous Medium2(3) 2020 pp.113 -118Iboroma, Daopuye S., Cookey, Grace A., Obunwo, Charles C., Amadi, Kelechi G.Download PDF
Assessing the Potential Application of Geophagic Materials as Refractory for
Metallurgical Furnace Lining
2(3) 2020 pp.119 -126Saim A. K., Gordon J. J. K., Andoh B., Cudjoe W., Ackah K., Dankwah J. R. Amankwah R. KDownload PDF
Development of a Hybrid Tabu Search and Genetic Algorithms for the
Examination Timetabling Problem
2(3) 2020 pp.127 -147Ezike J.O.J, Oyeleye C.A., Olabiyisi S.O., Omidiora E.O.Download PDF
Energy and Exergy Efficiency Analysis for Solar Box Cooker with Kapook
2(3) 2020 pp.148 -158H. Musa, M.B. Maina and A.B. MuhammadDownload PDF
Laboratory Study on Adaptability of Anaerobic Bacteria to Different Salinities
for the Purpose of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery at the Nord Sea
2(3) 2020 pp.159 -168Uchendu Udochukwuka Ifeanyi, Onyeizu Rowland Uchenna, Stephen Austin ChigozieDownload PDF
A Review of Solid Waste Management Practice in Nigeria2(3) 2020 pp.169 -174Ukala, D.C., Akaun Ifeanyi, H. I. OwamahDownload PDF
Response Surface Optimization of Bioactive Compounds Extraction from
Buchholzia coriacea Using D-Optimal Design
2(3) 2020 pp.175 -182Oyedoh, Eghe Amenze; Ekhorugue, Uhunoma Endurance; Ijeli, Ikechukwu Michael;
Ayodele, Bamidele Victor
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Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Biodiesel Produced via Transesterification
of Commercial Vegetable (Soya Bean) Oil
2(3) 2020 pp.183 -190Osarumwense, J. O., Ebo, N., Omorodion, N. T. and Owie, C. I.Download PDF
Evaluating Usability of Academic Web Portals for Clearance Services2(3) 2020 pp.191 -198F. O. OlihaDownload PDF
Corrosion Analysis of API 5L Gr. Three Phase Crude2(3) 2020 pp.199 - 207Artford Usuoyibo, Obogai L.EDownload PDF
Investigation of Low Density Polyethylene Polymeric Composite Using SplitSplit Plot Experimental Designs2(3) 2020 pp.208 - 217Olodu, D.D and Aliyegbenoma, C.ODownload PDF
Environmental Parameters Monitoring for Greenhouse Farming Using Wireless
Sensor Networks
2(3) 2020 pp.218 - 235Stephen Bassi Joseph, Emmanuel Gbenga Dada, Emmanuel Partha Musa, Muhammed Sadiq
Abdullahi and Suleiman Fatima Unekwu
Download PDF
An Overview of Practicability and Application of 300M Steel in the Face of
Stress Corrosion Cracking Issue
2(3) 2020 pp.236 - 247T. N. Guma, E. O. Ajayi and M. H. MohammedDownload PDF
Effect of Siliconizing (Thermochemical Treatment) on the Corrosion and Wear
Bahaviour of Heat-Treated Low Carbon Steel
2(3) 2020 pp.248 - 255Vandi Njelle Zira and Obogai L.EDownload PDF
Determination of Natural Radioactivity Concentration and Radiogenic Heat
Production in Selected Quarry Sites in Ondo State, Nigeria
2(3) 2020 pp.256 - 271Asere, Adeola Margaret and Sedara, Samuel OmosuleDownload PDF
The Coulomb Energy of Finite Size Nucleus from the Study of Classical
Electrodynamics Theory
2(3) 2020 pp.272 - 282Aliyu Adamu, Yakubu H. Ngadda, Muhammad Hassan, and David I. MalgwiDownload PDF
A Soft-Computing Based Course Timetabling System for Schools in Nigeria2(3) 2020 pp.283 - 292Ademiluyi, O., Ukaoha, K. C., Ndunagu, J., and Osang, F.BDownload PDF
A Guidance and Counseling Mobile Application (GC Mobile App) for Educational Institutions2(3) 2020 pp.293 - 303Ukaoha, K. C., Ndunagu, J., Osang, F.B. Otokiti, K., Azikien, G.Download PDF
Security and Quality Assurance of ICT Enhanced Learners Support Services
in Distance Education: National Open University Nigeria Experience
2(3) 2020 pp. 304-313Omoregbe O. Helen and Konyeha SusanDownload PDF
Analysis of Frequent Power Cut on Ugbowo 2x15MVA, 33/11kV Electric Power
Distribution Network Feeders
2(3) 2020 pp.314 - 327France O. Akpojedje and Emmanuel A. OgujorDownload PDF
Evaluation of Asset Allocation Models2(3) 2020 pp.328 - 335Dare JayeolaDownload PDF
Determination of the Pressure Regimes in the Design of a Portable Faecal
Slurry Evacuation System
2(3) 2020 pp.336 - 349Sadjere, E.G. and Iloba, N.Download PDF
Effects of Electric Power Arc Inputs on the Microstructure and Mechanical
Properties of 0.4%C Steel
2(3) 2020 pp.350 - 359O. Awheme and Obidimma D. IkehDownload PDF
New Algorithm Techniques for Efficient Analysis of Tissue Images2(3) 2020 pp.360 - 369Adekunle M. Ibrahim and Adepeju A. AdigunDownload PDF
Local-Global Description of Digital Images for Detection and Analysis of
Medical Features
2(3) 2020 pp.370 - 376Adekunle M. Ibrahim and Funsho AbdulwahabDownload PDF
Baseflow Estimation in Otamiri Watershed in Imo State, Nigeria2(3) 2020 pp.377 - 385A. O. IbejeDownload PDF
Investigating the Received Signal Strength and Electromagnetic Radiation
from 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Architectures
2(3) 2020 pp.386 - 396Oisamoje Victor, Emagbetere O. Joy, and Okougbegun EnduranceDownload PDF