Become a Member

The Nigerian Institution of Professional Engineers and Scientists (NIPES) offers membership in the following categories: Fellow, Corporate Member, Associate and Student Member. The requirements for each grade are listed as follows:

Fellow: Candidate who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the organization and in the society at large. Such candidate must have served as a corporate member.

Corporate Member: Candidates who are holders of Bachelor’s degree or HND in Engineering and Science e.g life sciences, physical sciences,statistics, engineering etc

Associate Member: Candidates who are holders of Bachelor’s degree, HND or ND in other fields of study e.g arts, law, accountancy, humanities e.t.c

Student Member: Candidate who is undertaking an approved engineering and science course of training leading to a degree in an accredited institution.

How to apply

Simply download and fill the NIPES application form. Click to Download

Then, submit the scanned copy of the filled form and documents together with evidence of payment to the following email address:

Application Fee

Fellow: By written application/Invitation/Recommendation

Corporate Member: Free of Charge

Associate Member: Free of Charge

Student Member: Free of Charge

All payments including manuscripts and membership should be made to the following bank account:


Account Number: 1016176475

Bank: Zenith