NIPES welcomes submissions of manuscripts concerning any branch of engineering and science. The subjects of engineering and science covered by our various journals includes; energy and design systems engineering, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational statistics, database, data mining, hardware systems, imaging engineering, industrial engineering, civil, networking, operations research, scientific computing, software engineering, electrical systems and their applications. All submitted papers will undergo plagiarism check and thorough  peer-review to ensure high quality.

Why publish with NIPES Journals:

NIPES Journals are quality research journals which is ideal for disseminating new knowledge in research and whose aim is to ensure that your findings reach the widest possible audience in both the industry and academic institution. 

Peer-reviewed – Manuscripts submitted to NIPES Journals are taken through a rigorous peer review process to ensure that high quality articles are published. 

Open Access – Articles published in NIPES Journals are free from all restrictions of access as we adopt the open access model of publication which means that your article will be available immediately and freely upon publication. This ensures that you reach a wider audience and have more citations. 

Online Submission System – NIPES Journals has an efficient and user friendly manuscript submission system that simplifies the manuscript submission process. 

Rapid Publication – 
NIPES Journals strives to ensure that the time period between manuscript submission and final publication is reduced as much as possible while still maintaining excellent quality control. 

All corrections are to reach the Editor in Chief within 14 days to ensure further processing of the manuscript. The published paper is immediately available online and print copies of the journal will be made available to the corresponding author when ready. NIPES Journals are published four times in a year.

Review Process: All manuscripts are reviewed by expert independent reviewers. The final decision to accept or reject a manuscript will be made based on the report of the reviewers and this will be done by the Editor in Chief.

NIPES Journals will strive to ensure that the review of manuscripts is done as fast as possible.

Upon acceptance of a manuscript, a PDF proof of the manuscript will be sent to the corresponding author for proofreading. At this stage, only minor typographical and formatting errors can be corrected and significant changes to the manuscript will not be allowed.

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