Eghe Amenze Oyedoh, Uhunoma Endurance Ekhorugue & Bamidele Victor Ayodele


In this study, the use of solvent extraction technique for the extraction of bioactive compounds from Zingiber officinale (Ginger) was investigated. The effect of three parameters namely extraction temperature, volume of solvents and the extraction time on the extract yield was screened using full factorial experimental design. The experimental runs which consist of the treatment combinations of the three parameters were performed in Soxhlet extraction apparatus to obtain various yields of the ginger oil extract. The results revealed that the extraction temperature, volume of solvents and the extraction time have significant individual and interaction effect on the extract yield resulting in highest extract yield of 29.48%. Based on the pareto analysis, the individual effects of the three parameters on the extract yield can be ranked as follows: extraction temperature > volume of solvent > extraction time. While the interaction effects can be ranked as extraction temperature-volume of solvent > extraction temperature-extraction time > volume of solvent-extraction time. The GC-MS analysis of the ginger oil extract revealed the presence of 24 different components with various medicinal potentials. Read full PDF

Keywords: Bioactive compounds, Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Full factorial design, Gingerol, solvent extraction


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