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A Review of Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology1-11Funsho Babarinde, Mayowa Ayodele AdioDownload PDF
Numerical Investigation of MHD Free-Convective Flow of Chemically Reacting Fluid in a Vertical Channel Having Variable Viscosity12-22M. M. Hamza and I. G. UsmanDownload PDF
Toxicological Effect of Oil and Water Based Drilling Muds on Soil Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter spp.22-33Onwudiwe, C.C, Imarhiagbe, E.E and Atuanya, E.I Download PDF
Buoyancy Reaction on Unsteady MHD Couette Flow in Free Convective Vertical Channels Due to Onset of Soret Effect34-50B. Y. Isah and F. AbdullahDownload PDF
A Proposed Z^1/3 – Dependence Formula for Nuclear Potential Radii with Constant Parameter for both Heavy and Light Nuclei 51-57Aliyu AdamuDownload PDF
The Evaluation of Compressive Strength and Curing Duration of Binary Blend of Rice Husk Ash Concrete 58-63Richie. I. Umasabor Download PDF
Factorial Study of Factors Affecting Performance of Gas Power Plant in Nigeria64-73Agbondinmwin Usunobun and Ogbeide, Osamede OsaroboDownload PDF
Energy Indices and Drying Behaviour of Alligator Pepper Pods (Aframomum
Melegueta) as Influenced by Applied Microwave Power
74-93N.R. Nwakuba and V.C. OkaforDownload PDF